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San Francisco, California - February 22, 2013 - Pemberley Digital’s Domino application completed its alpha demo to rave reviews and big viewership.

After a three week demonstration by spokesperson Georgiana “Gigi” Darcy, Pemberley Digital’s Domino storytelling and communication application debuted with a revolutionary interface as well as an intuitive algorithm capable of documenting and presenting a compelling narrative.

In just three short weeks, the demonstration pilot roared to over 1 million total views spread out across six videos.

“Despite some initial doubts about the personal subject matter regarding the demo participants, the uniqueness of this application makes our potential almost limitless,” said Anne Reynolds, General Manager of Pemberley Digital. “We believe that Domino presents an exciting and dynamic channel of narrative documentation and communication. We will be seeking new partners aggressively and immediately.”

“Given the progressive nature of Pemberley Digitial, we are not seeking a mass quantity of partners, but will rather be making selective quality alliances where we can both benefit mutually in the long term.”

About Pemberley Digital

Domino is a story and communication application designed by Pemberley Digital. For more information visit Pemberley Digital on Youtube -
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Watch the Demo/Pilot below.

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