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San Francisco, California - March 8, 2013 - Pemberley Digital seeks partner communities for targeted beta test rollout of Domino application.

Today, Pemberley Digital announced the launch of a pilot program designed to test the use of its new Domino application for integrated community-wide environments.  The program will consider communities and municipalities of all sizes for targeted deployment of specially customized beta versions of the new system. The program is designed to study Domino’s impact on community growth, development and cohesion.

“We are looking for a unique community to serve as a test ground and incubator for the next phase of Domino testing,” explains Anne Reynolds, General Manager of Pemberley Digital.  “We believe Domino to be a robust interface for revealing not only individual lives, but also the diversity of an entire network of people.  Now, we’re setting out to find the right community to show how Domino can help enrich connections on a larger level.”

Members of the Domino development team will conduct select interviews with potential partners at the 2013 South by Southwest® Interactive Festival. Pemberley Digital will also open the application process up on the web, soliciting pitches for potential future applications of the revolutionary storytelling and communication application.  

To submit your community, city, borough, town, or municipality of any size, message @PemberleyDig on Twitter and tell us how Domino would reveal life where you live.  Make sure to include the hashtag #Domino with your submission.

About Domino

Pemberley Digital’s Domino, a dynamic narrative documentation and communication app, recently debuted with a revolutionary interface as well as an intuitive algorithm capable of documenting a compelling narrative.

In just three short weeks, the alpha test demonstration roared to over 1 million total views spread out across six videos.

About Pemberley Digital

Domino is an application designed by Pemberley Digital. For more information visit Pemberley Digital on Youtube -
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